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Nadpis 3

You are strong

You are beautiful

You are unique

You are The Queen


Malkah Areli skincare was created by a small group of women for the beautiful queen living within you. We believe in beauty, inside and out.


Beauty is unique and has so many aspects. Throughout the years we have developed our highly concentrated products full of potent actives designed to be inclusive to every queen's skin but specifically targeting mature skin. We combine natural ingredients with highly concentrated actives to create a beautiful, safe and functioning product for your gorgeous skin. 


Most of our products are created as an All in One treatment, targeting most aging issues including lifting, toning, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and other issues.

Our products are created for all skin types, including sensitive skin. But mainly, our brand concentrates on mature skin, where we recognize that mature skin needs more nourishment and care than the skin of a young person.

Natural Beauty Models

Queen of Moonlight- Facial Oil Serum

Queen of Moonlight Facial Oil Serum is a highly concentrated royal blend of exceptional organic oils and potent, plant-derived actives targeting all aspects of aging. 

facial oil serum, Queen of Moonlight

Solar Plexus Chakra - MANIPURA
I know who I am

I am authentic

I am confident

I am calm and powerful

I don't need approval of others

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