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Queen Neki- Makeup removing buff 3 pcs

Queen Neki- Makeup removing buff 3 pcs

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An ultra-soft and gentle makeup removing buffs/pads. 

Light and gentle exfoliation helps to buff away dead skin.


Three slightly different buffs/sponges are included:


White buff containing the softest fiber which works best for light makeup or no makeup.


Marble/zebra buff with medium fiber works to remove slightly more makeup.


Black buff with the densest (but still incredibly soft) fiber works best for the heaviest buildup of makeup.


Queen Neki buffs are made for your beautiful skin from a soft, new line of fiber developed in Germany to be better fit for cleaning your skin.


Suitable for all skin types

Buff is double-sided and can be used approximately two hundred times.

A reusable and more eco-friendly option than disposable pads.

Can be washed in a washing machine. We highly recommend washing it on a gentle/warm cycle and hanging it to dry. If put into a dryer, make sure it's on a gentle/cool cycle.


    In most cases Queen Neki pads can be used with only warm water, if you choose not to use any face cleanser. Simply just wet your buff, apply it to your skin for a couple of seconds and start wiping your makeup off.


    Our tip: Apply our Queen in Me nourishing oil cleanser (or any other oil cleanser) onto your beautiful dry skin and massage it into your face and eyes with dry hands. Wet the Queen Neki buffs with lukewarm water and massage it to emulsify it and beautifully cleanse your face. You can also use the buffs with some other cleanser or micellar water. 


    We guarantee the best sensorial feel and overall experience with a combination of our Queen in Me and Queen Neki products. You will just love how your beautiful skin softens, glows and rejuvenates all at once. 


    Material: 100% Tech fiber, sponge

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