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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Mature skin should not be taken as a skin type, but more as a skin condition. Mature skin can be a totally healthy and beautiful looking skin without many issues.

By a certain age, our skin loses certain aspects of youthfulness like elasticity and bounciness, as well as developing more wrinkles. But mature skin is not necessarily only about age. Many conditions play a big role in aging skin, such as lifestyle, diet, sun exposure, genes or proper skin care.

Women around 30 should start to pay slightly more attention to more advanced skin care. They can do this by using a gentle double cleansing of the face and adding serums to their routine, targeting their biggest issues. But most importantly, no matter what age, they should never forget to apply sunscreen!

Malkah Areli skincare understands that some queens are more proactive than others in slowing down the clock of aging. And we support any type of approach. Let it be surgery or a more natural approach without much intervention, You are You and that's what counts. You are beautiful, never forget that!

In Malkah Areli we target all sign of issues with an added Oomph on concentration of our active ingredients for added moisture, hydration, elasticity and less visible wrinkles. We do realize that mature skin needs slightly more than a skin of a youngster. :-)

Our Queen of Earth anti-aging serum and Queen of Moonlight oil face serum are developed with all signs of aging in mind. Elasticity, toning, wrinkles - a rejuvenation in all aspects.

How to keep your mature skin healthy and happy?

1. Beauty sleep. I know, I know, it sounds like a cliche but it's so important. 8 hours of sleep does wonders to your skin.

2. A well-balanced, healthy diet.

3. A slightly advanced good skin care routine, and having the patience to stick with it to see actual results (at least a minimum of 1 month of consistent practice)

4. Hydrate yourself from within by drinking plenty of water.

5. Exfoliate your beautiful skin. There are plenty of great, gentle exfoliators on the market.

6. Never ever forget sunscreen!!

And never forget to love yourself and your skin, you are a beautiful queen!

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