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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

There are many great ingredients companies can use and choose to work with. We would love to introduce you to some of which we included in our skincare line simply because we believe in the performance and safety of the ingredient. How we stated, there are quite few ingredients, and we will split this article into the parts. Let's start with part 1, shall we?


Great ingredient! Vitamin C ester, with excellent antioxidant activity and great skin penetration.

Studies have shown it to stimulate collagen synthesis (at least twice as much as ascorbic acid) and have brightening and clarifying activities, promoting a more even skin tone. More importantly, it does not irritate nor exfoliate your beautiful skin like regular ascorbic acid can do.

TETRAHEXYLDECYL ASCORBATE is also approved and used as quasi-drug and functional ingredient in South Korean and Japanese skin care products.

Our products containing VITAMIN C: Queen of Moonlight - Facial Oil Serum

Queen of Illumination - Brightening Serum

Queen of Earth - Anti-Aging Serum

Queen Einayim - Eye Serum

Queen Einayim - Eye Cream


Great ingredient! Vitamin B3 is a safe, mostly non-irritating ingredient which offers many skin benefits to most types of skin, from MATURE, or AGED SKIN to problems with hyperpigmentation, skin texture, acne, or dryness and severity of wrinkles. It has been shown by studies to stimulate collagen synthesis and production of ceramides.

Simply speaking, NIACINAMIDE:

- Can improve the appearance of aged, hyperpigmented and photodamaged skin

- Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

- Has soothing activity useful for blemished skin

Our products containing VITAMIN B3: Queen of Illumination - Brightening Serum

Queen of Earth - Anti aging Serum

Queen of Zen - Anti-aging Mist Essence/Toner

We love to pair NIACINAMIDE with another great ingredient for extra added benefits of brightening and helping with these pesky dark spots, which is named:


Great ingredient! NAG is a "skin identical ingredient", meaning that NAG is found between our cells, helping our bodies maintain a skin barrier and reduce dryness. NAG brings many benefits to our skin. Amino sugar with mild exfoliating properties similar to ALPHA & BETA HA without the irritation. Paired with NIACINAMIDE, it helps with hyperpigmentation.

It may possibly help with wound healing, improve skin hydration and it may help with reduction of wrinkles appearance and with pigmentation, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. NAG has an excellent safety profile, but to stay on the side of caution: our NAG is derived from the shells of crustaceans of the shellfish. It cannot be considered vegan.

Our products containing NAG: Queen of Illumination- Brightening Serum

Queen of Earth- Anti-aging Serum

Queen of Zen- Anti-aging Mist Essence/Toner

To be continued .......

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